Pakistan Khyber Pass Economic Corridor Project


Project IDP159577 Country :Pakistan Region :South Asia

Status :Active

Approval Date (as of board presentation)June 14, 2018

Closing DateN/A

Total Project Cost**US$ 482.75 million

Commitment AmountUS$ 460.60 million

Team Leader : Moustafa Baher El-Hefnawy, Andrew Beath

The development objective Khyber Pass Economic Corridor Project for Pakistan aims to expand economic activity between Pakistan and Afghanistan by improving regional connectivity and promoting private sector development along the Khyber Pass corridor. This project has three components. 1) The first component, Expressway Development,

finance the detailed design, construction and supervision of the proposed four-lane PTEX and associated road-user and administrative infrastructure facilities, the laying of fiber optic cables in trenches along PTEX, land acquisition and resettlement, afforestation along PTEX, and technical and independent reviews and studies for the preparation of new projects. 2) The second component, Development of the Khyber Pass Economic Corridor, has the following subcomponents: (i) Technical assistance; and (ii) Infrastructure investments and institutional improvements to promote the integration of local producers into global value chains. 3) The third component, Project Management, is a lending instrument to finance the project.

Documents & Reports AA This Page in: Project Information Document-Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet - Khyber Pass Economic Corridor Project - P159577 (English)

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