Punj Lloyd wins $47m contract for Yasref project in KSA

Subsidiary Dayim Punj Lloyd will be tasked with delivering the project

Punj Lloyd, the Indian engineering and construction group, has secured an EPC contractor worth $47 million from Yanbu Aramco Sinopec Refining Company (Yasref) for its project in the Yanbu region of Saudi Arabia.

The group’s subsidiary, Dayim Punj Lloyd, will be tasked with delivering the ‘Clean Fuels Interfacing Facilities Project’, the company said in a statement. The objective of the contract is to interface Yasref with the Aramco Yanbu Refinery to supply low-sulphur clean transportation fuel – diesel and gasoline – for domestic distribution.

Furthermore, the pipeline system will also contain provisions to transport products refined in Yasref, to the western regional pipeline hub, it said.

According to the statement, Dayim Punj Lloyd’s scope of work will include the construction of two new pipeline systems (30” x 7km each) for diesel and gasoline; a dedicated custody metering system for each refined product; a new analyser that will be installed in the Yanbu Refinery; a new Red/Green dye injection for gasoline, which will be installed in the Yanbu Refinery premises within the new line from Yasref to Yanbu Refinery’s gasoline tanks; and modification of three existing kerosene tanks inside Yanbu Refinery through the installation of internal floating roofs so as to adequately receive gasoline from Yasref.

In addition, Dayim Punj Lloyd will work on the extension of existing SIH Control to house the DCS/PLC panels, and equip them with HVAC.

The company will also have to carry associated civil, structural, firefighting, electrical and instrumentation, and automation work.

“This is the third contract by Yasref to Dayim Punj Lloyd which is reflective of the strong partnership that has been formed between Yasref and Punj Lloyd, focusing on quality, safety and successful delivery of projects,” said Atul Jain, Punj Lloyd.

Prior to this contract, Punj Lloyd had successfully completed the Offsite Pipeline Package and is due to complete the pipeline relocation.

With this order, the group’s order backlog stands at $2.9 billion. The order backlog is the value of unexecuted orders on December 31, 2016 plus new orders received after that date.

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